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Digital marketing is a lucrative and popular market to get in. Internet penetration goes hand in hand, and nowadays, digital platforms are getting more user friendly by the day, making it easy to use.

Now, before buying any new product or before making a purchase for any service, the user can go on the internet to get deeper knowledge about the product and services, which helps the user make valuable decisions. That’s the reason marketing is getting digital and digital marketing has become a trend.

Are digital marketing agencies profitable?

Digital marketing is a 68 billion dollar industry already, and it’s growing very fast. If we talk about India, India alone has 60+ crores internet users and 30+ crores social media users.

69% of people search about products or services on the internet and the purchasing pattern of 71% of users is influenced by the internet.

This is the reason as to why not only big cities or big companies but also small towns, cities and small entrepreneurs also want to learn about digital marketing they want to learn how they can grow digitally.

People like Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, CA’s, Professionals, everybody and anybody wants to get digitally advanced. 

Let’s talk about how you can start your digital marketing agency without making a huge investment. I am going to share the full business plan blueprint with you. 

I will also be answering some questions you may have right now, such as:

  1. How will I survive when there are so many big companies already doing this?
  2. How will I start if I have no experience?
  3. how much digital marketing agency earn in India?
  4. how digital marketing agencies make money
  5. how do digital marketing agencies find clients?

 I’ll also share with you how you can grow month to month, and how you can expand in future.

If in case, you don’t have an idea what a digital marketing agency is, what exactly the agency does .So I’ll help you, to understand that in a very simple way.

Digital marketing agency works is to promote brand or services on digital platforms to increase market awareness so the right product can reach the right customer and sales can be increased.

Now lets understand step by step how to start with your digital marketing agency.

First step:

Select your area: So as you are going to start, you may have the questions of lack of capital, knowledge or investment, or that you are not an established brand.

Now here you have to understand the big brands or companies like OLA , Uber , Nestle ,Cadburys are not going to come to you as clients, they will go to big companies. 

As they are big in business, they are also on the top chart of the pyramid. But you have to focus on the bottom part of the pyramid,  where you’ll get SME’s professionals and in every city you can find Restaurants, Lawyers, Doctors ,Teachers, Hotels, School, Colleges. They don’t go with big agencies but they also want to go digital, so they need a small digital agency, which fits in their budget.

You have to start to gain experience so the first thing you should do is start focusing on these small businesses.

I hope it’s clear now that you have to focus on the small level as there is a need and demand which you can fulfil.

By now you must have gotten my point, but you must be thinking that there is a lot to learn and you don’t have any experience, nor any idea on which platform to focus on, so how can you start? Well, here are some platforms that you can venture with: 

Digital platforms  Industry
Facebook Education
Google ads Hospitality
Ad-Expert Travel
Campaign Expert Ecommerce
SEO Handicraft
SMO Manufacturing
ORM Healthcare

We need to understand that we are just starting, so we don’t have to make a 360 degree agency,  we have to focus and make a specialized agency. 

This means that we don’t do everything but we should be the best in what we choose to do.

Pick a platform like Facebook and pick an industry like restaurants then,  focus on only these. You need to understand that you cannot be the master of all in the beginning, you have to learn one platform and focus on one industry.

After understanding, this let me help you take action.

So what should you do? Should you choose an industry in which you are interested or either choose a platform in which you are interested, be a Facebook ad expert, be a google ad expert or video marketer anything in which you are interested.

I’ll suggest that you start with a mix: choose google ad as platform and choose real estate as industry. Now if anyone wants to promote their new project, you can help them to generate leads. You can be a SEO expert for GYM. You can be a video marketer for teachers.

Step two:

Educate yourself: Now here I have made things easy for you.  

This step doesn’t require much of your time. It’s on you, what you  want to do with speed in the next 10-15 days or you want to give 30 days, this being the maximum time required.

We don’t have to learn everything ,we have to learn specific things.

If you are a video marketer for teachers then you should study about the teaching industry: how it works and all, and also spend some of your time on video marketing, how videos are made, how to optimize them, how to make thumbnails and all.

You make your expertise on that then you get local clients and also you start getting national clients as well. Or you can be an ads expert for restaurants.

Just give 15 – 30 days to yourself and learn about it. Whatever you want to learn, you can get free content or training available on the internet from where you can learn. If you can afford it, you can go with some paid courses which can help you to build skills.

So by now we have understood that we have to choose specialization, we don’t have to choose entire digital marketing. 

You need to pick a one platform and need to learn it completely and build your experty in that .

I know in a month you’ll not be an expert, you must have studied some theory, some practical but your journey has started. For practical knowledge you need a client where you can learn more.

Step 3

Create a company profile :

Now you have practical knowledge, so all you need is a client so you  can serve on real ground.

This way, you can learn more and start generating your revenue as well.

Before acquiring a client, you should have a company profile. Now you don’t have to stop yourself that you should have the finest website, only then you can start.

You can start with your Facebook page. You can briefly describe your company profile, even a pdf will work .

If you feel you can easily make your website with just a few clicks. Via or, then go for it.

Here are important aspects your company profile should have:

  1. About me
  2. Specialization
  3. Goals and plans
  4. Deals with demanding clients.

Fourth point :

Find your first client

Finding your first client is a beautiful memory,  like your crush asking you out for a date.

It’s always about making a few clients, then you will  become an expert.

You will start getting clients regularly and specialize in what you make. It’s just a matter of cracking  clients. 

Once you do it you already kill the competition. 

People have to come to you only as you specialize in that. You have experience, you trained yourself for a month on that specialize skills.

When we talk about training, these are for a couple of hours, from 10-15 hours or 20 hours. There is no need to work 20hrs a day. 

But yes, we have to work hard but train yourself 5- 6 hrs, or whatever you can afford. If you give 5 hrs. a day in 30 days you have 150 hours experience.

you can easily  learn a skill in 20 hours and rest 115-120 hours are your practical knowledge testing on that skills and with so much experience you can easily start getting clients.

I am sure you can crack a couple of clients with the above technique.

but if in case you are not able to, then you can try the mentioned techniques.

Make a list of 10-15 professions or professional people and try to get in there work .

Analysis : Try to analyze what they are doing.

Research : where they are lacking.

Help : what you can offer them.

Strategy : how you gonna get results for them

Email email them about your report.

As I told you we are not focusing on top companies so we don’t have to face so much challenge.

You know there is a high chance your email will open up , you call will  get answered  and you get a chance to meet a client. You can get a few links from your friends and family for the same.

Second way

You can find clients from freelancing websites like fiverr , Upwork, Freelance. Yes there is competition.

But the benefit is there are a lot of people across the national and international level to get work done in freelancing.  

There is a  huge demand for Indian freelancers as they cost them less.

Third way : go on the local level there are lots of Hotels ,Schools, Lawyers ,Doctors ,Restaurants they want to go digital.

But for that you have to go on ground to reach them. Tell them for restaurants you can increase foot fall for school you can bring more admission.

Remember the game is to get 1st or second client.

Once you get them after that your results speak.

5th step

Create a revenue model:

In 1st to 3rd month.

1st month just focus on learning.

2nd & 3rd month you need to get initial clients, if required, work for free or you can ask for profit share or sale commission. 

In the beginning, don’t focus on money, focus on experience instead

In 4 to 9 months : Start charging.

Start charging 10000 from a client as you gain experience and eventually you will get more money.

Start focusing on more clients and expanding your business.

You can hire interns if required. Try to reach a target of having a team of 2-3 people in 9 months. They can be interns, partners, or employees. 

In 9 to 12th month

Get more growth in terms of how to make a large agency, how to lead people, how to serve your client and what new things can be implemented in digital. 

6th step


You should register your company so that someone who wants to make investment in your company can do so. 

Proper hiring process should be there.

Process should be automated and make yourself free so you can focus on bigger things. 

Also make a case study of your clients for whom you serve, and make their business profitable.

You can showcase that as a case study and also attract more clients.

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